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Blockparty is a unique and highly adaptable brand that takes the standard fan experience to the next level with thoughtful and inspired details.





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The Project

Blockparty is a premiere tailgate hospitality partner for 18 Universities nationwide. They hosted customized tailgate and in-stadium events at every home football game throughout the 2018 season. Our team was responsible for creating all of the visual marketing content for each University. The end result was to deliver edited content to create brand awareness, secure future partnerships and continue producing these activations in different cities around the country.

The Process

Documenting live events doesn’t come without challenges. One of the most critical was coordinating our production team to capture the events spanning across the country, then delivering the content within a tight deadline to achieve the most impact.

Additionally, capturing outdoor events presents it’s challenges with mother-nature. Our team had it’s fair share of weather induced curveballs which included; tight filming windows due to thunderstorms, flight delays, all-nighters, and adjusting for the California fires. Our team persevered and found solutions to ensure our clients needs were met.

However, we think the biggest challenge was not being able to join in on the tailgating!

The Result

We have had the pleasure of working with Blockparty since their inception as a 3-person startup in 2014. Since, they have grown exponentially as have their project scopes with us. This was the largest and most complex project we have completed to date with the Blockparty team, spanning over 4 months and 18 cities. The client was extremely satisfied with the quality of the imagery we were able to deliver. Throughout the season, we produced a number of edited videos and photos that premiered on social media and now live as brand visuals on their website.

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