Lean Startup Conference 2018


Lean Startup Co. is a central hub for learning advanced management practices that transform culture, drive long-term growth, and connect you with innovation experts.



Lean Startup Co.


Pre-Production, Video Production, Photography, Post-Production


Live Event, Conference Highlight, Branded Storytelling

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The Project

The 9th annual Lean Startup Conference 2018 is the world's premiere gathering of business leaders with a focus on continuous innovation. Taking place in downtown Las Vegas, it brought together leaders of global enterprises, startups at all stages, NGO's and nonprofits, covering a myriad of industries.

The Process

In the epicenter of freewill, fortune, fame and historically known for lost wages we found ourselves entering a world known as “Sin City”. Through the process of our service from pre-production to post was simple, showcase the venue, brand and speakers in a “brand centric” stylized way. Encompassing this process included pre-production meetings, coordination, execution of production, a couple late nights to follow through on two daily edits, and post production among our return to Texas.

The Result

This was our first project with Lean Startup Co. so we had a lot to prove, producing the marketing content for their flagship event. The videos we delivered were beyond their expectations, and in their words" “knocked it out of the park”.

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