Novak Hair Studios

Offering premiere amenities and services, Novak Hair Studios is a fully-sustainable,
zero-waste luxury solo artist salon located in Fort Worth, TX.


Novak Hair Studios


Pre-Production, Scriptwriting, Video Production, Post-Production


Branded Storytelling, Brand Commercial, Comedy, Informative

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The Project

Novak Hair Studios and HOLLAND Collective came to us with a vision in mind. They wanted to create a brand video to be launched during Earth Week. The concept was developed during several discovery meetings. We dove deep into the brand of Novak to discover who they are and what message they wanted to tell the world. Through this process, we landed on the main elements of the video. It needed to be led by a spokeswoman. It needed to touch base on luxury, affordable, modern and sustainable. It needed to highlight the diversity of the stylists and the services. And most of all, it needed to be funny.

The Process

Over the course of 6 weeks, we excitedly brought Novak’s vision to life by nailing down the script, going on location walkthroughs with talent and crew, creating shot lists, coordinating logistics, and getting everything ready for production. After production, we spent the next 3 weeks in Post-Production, making sure the audio levels matched, video was color graded and the edit hit at all of the “funny parts”. To dive deeper into the process, check out Novak Hair Studios on the blog.

The Result

The result? A hilarious 4 minute brand commercial video highlighting the amenities and culture behind Novak Hair Studios. In the first few days, the video received over 10k views and over 100 shares on FB alone. A lot of support and positive comments flooded in from the community. We’ll take this as a win.

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